"01/12/2019 "I am very happy with all the work that has been done on São Bernardo and the disponibility of the staff. Arthur came the last day after working hours to change the capacitor, and I appreciate it. Always with the smile and happy behavior all of you were very nice and professional. I wanted to came and say goodby but it was not possible, so please do it for me as well as the boss lady Ercídia. And the guys at the ship store. Thank you for all the effort you did for São Bernardo and make myself part of the Sopromar family for a while. Have a great day. Best regards, S/Y São Bernardo""

  • S/Y IONA

    ""18th Sep. 2019 Thank you so much for the extremely professional way you handled work on ""IONA"". Lovely staff, friendly and courteous. Despite being back in Scotland for a period of time, we were able to contact and communicate with the staff on a regular basis. Honestly, the best boatyard we have had the pleasure of working with in over 20 years of sailing around Europe" S/Y Iona"


    ""Always a great privilege staying in Sopromar, wonderful, friendly, knowledgable and truly professional people. Thank you again for a fantastic job 2019!!" S/Y Colombia"

  • IRIS

    "Boatyard; does not necessarily have to be boatyard blues. In Lagos they have a different spin and have added nice showers and more than decent cafe/bar/restaurant on the boatyard. When Anti-fouling and other items on the to-do list turns boring, a cold beer is close. More yards should be like Sopromar In summary; Sopromar boat yard in Lagos (PT) is a great place either for a short fixing stopover or to leave your boat on shore for an undefined period. Warning given, what follows is a highly boat-nerdy post that will interest some and have a good potential to bore others.It has been said that long distance cruising is just an excellent opportunity to do maintenance in exotic places. If that is the case, it is a point to find the better exotic places. The Sopromar yard in Lagos located in the south western corner of Portugal, fits the bill well. It is also been called "port velcro" because sailors tend to gravitate back in the off-season periods. As for me, I find it one of the more professionally managed and best boat yards I have experienced. It does not imply that this is the only one around, but the points of these lines is to make you aware of Sopromar and its qualities. So what qualities does Sopromar hold? It is a combination of a good hard-standing yard, supplemented by an excellent chandlery, many in-house trades, and operated by great people that seem to like what they do. We found the following:- Large travel lift- Clean organised hard standing area that is well fenced and protected.- Sailing yachts may be left with the mast standing.- Superbly stocked chandlery with knowledgeable and pleasant staff, willing to order things if they do not have in stock- We wanted items that were not available, and went online to svb.de on day 1. The good arrived by DHL at day 4. Freight cost was very reasonable at EUR 9 for up to 31 kg.-If you need assistance with work you vessel or special parts machined, Sopromar has many trades in-house; like stainless welding, woodwork, GRP, engine, painting.- Permit to work on your vessel- Permit to live aboard while working or when you return or visit the vessel during the off-season period.- Availability of modern and clean toilets and showers, included- It appears that there might be rooms for rent at the yard if you prefer not to stay on the boat- Ample water and electricity posts, included- Very decent cafe/bar/restaurant at the yard If we would wish for something in addition, it would be washing machines and dryers, which is currently not at the yard. Lagos is a very charming town and within easy walking distance. Faro airport is close and well served by train and bus. If you come for a quick fix before heading further south or east into the Med. or for a secure place to leave your boat, I wish you will find it to your liking. Disclosure: I did not receive favours of any kind for writing the above. I am simply another happy customer."

  • "A Plus 2"...

    ""I take this opportunity to congratulate all the Sopromar team for the quality of their work, the highness of their skills, the methodic planning and top professional management of the « customer’s lists », the motivation everybody inputs everyday,(...), all Sopromar people I met on the shipyard, always kind and saying hello, ready to answer or redirect any question at any time. Not forgetting all the management, having a vision of the future, to keep the level on the top. (...) be sure that your company and team is at the top quality level compare to what I have experienced in 25 years sailing in Europe and all over the world. Go-on this way !" sy A PLUS 2 (Amel 54)  "

  • "Island Drifter"

    ""...Island Drifter sailed like a dream! Many thanks for all your help and support while we were in your boatyard. It was much appreciated. Please also pass on our thanks to your staff. We currently plan to return to Lagos in April 2016 and would like to leave our boat with you again. kind regards" Mike and Helen Morris"

  • “Sterling”

    " "Thank you for all the loving care you’ve shown from day to day.Thank you for being so wonderful in very single way.Thank you for those special things done with your thoughtful touch.Thank you just for being you.I love Sopromar very much. Happy Anniversary, but not another year! 365 days x 2 persons x 12 times x 13 steps = 113 880 steps Thanks for all the support!"   Nick Huguette      ?"

  • "Ithaka"

    ""Thanks to all staff at Sopromar. I have enjoyed the utmost of customer care and friendship.All work done has been professionally carried out.I wish you all continuous success with your business." Jan Orest"

  • “Ubuntu”

    ""The Sopromar boat yard made its reputation to me on our way down from Germans. It was recommended by Hanse boat to stop for a warrants repair of our 54’ new yacht “Ubuntu”. Our expectation was high when we came, but the service we received throughout our 6 weeks stay has been exceeding anything we experienced anywhere else so far over the past 10 years.Thanks for all friendliness and reliability.Best wishes for all of your team." Jens"

  • "Inspiration of Darmooth"

    ""Muito obrigado pela maneira como fui recebido e tratado.Serviço excelente e muito profissional. Até sempre.""