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The reception procedure is a key point upon the entrance of your vessel to a boatyard. This is one of the most important procedures, since it is the first contact between the client/vessel and Sopromar.

This way, there are certain steps that should be considered by our customers when arriving with their boat at our boatyard, in order to speed up the entire registration process.

Immediately after entering/lift out the vessel, the customer should:

1 -> fill in the arrival declaration and obtain the internal regulations of the boatyard on the first floor (reception of the Chandlery) – Data information for invoicing any services;

2 -> submit a copy of the vessel registration, valid insurance and present the identification of the crew members on board;

3 -> confirm the payment of any fees due to the vessel’s stay in the boatyard.

In many cases, the first two steps can be taken even before your arrival at the Sopromar`s boatyard by electronic means.