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Lithium Batteries installation in MAN RV

Sopromar continues to invest in the market for the improvement of storage and load battery systems, this time in a Motorhome (RV).

This work in a MAN-branded vehicle visiting our Nautical Center, focused on the assembly of Lithium Victron batteries, type LiFePO4 with 200A capacity, replacing the conventional acid batteries used by the customer until then. This replacement, similar to what happened in a Catamaram a few days ago at Sopromar`s Boatyard (see news here), focused on the improvement of the charge capacity available in the batteries.

In addition, this modification also concerned on improving the operation of solar panels with a Victron regulator.

A water tank monitoring system and a Multifunction panel Victron GX (with access to the battery system, charger and water tanks) were also installed, as well as an interconnection to the generator for remote start-up via Victron Connect App.

This way, it is possible for the customer to monitor the batteries in real time via remote device -Smartphone-, receive multiple (programmable) warnings and the possibility to request the generator start-up for a certain time, if/when necessary.